Disposable Face Masks

LABEL Health was created in partnership with our FDA-registered manufacturers to produce and provide necessary protective equipment around the world. Our longstanding relationships over the last decade have been repurposed during this time to fight against COVID-19. We stand strong in solidarity with our communities and aim to do our part to protect our front line providers and those in need during these unprecedented times. Quality, transparency, and value have been hallmarks of our company since day one, and those same principles continue to guide us today. Self-assurance comes not only from feeling good in what you wear, but also feeling safe! Join us in our efforts to ensure the safety and security of those we care about most – you.

In addition to supplying Disposable Face Masks, LABEL has partnered with US distributors to fulfill other PPE essential needs to states and hospitals. Please visit PPE NEEDS to learn more.

  • Triple-layer construction maximizes protection, comfort and breathability
  • Effectively isolates airborne particles and degrades harmful substances and gases, reducing detrimental inhalation
  • High-stretch ear loops for snug, comfortable fit
  • Hidden plastic nose bridge for stability
  • Multi-use suitability: office environments, warehouse settings, precautions while traveling, day-to-day activities, and more
  • 3 folded layers, flexible to create a three-dimensional breathing space
  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art facility according to stringent quality standards
  • FDA & CE certifications
  • Product Name: Disposable Face Mask
  • Product Specifications: Earband Type, 175mm*90mm
  • Product Structure / Components: Triple-layer face mask (Non-Woven/Melt-Blown/Non-Woven), nose clip, face mask band
  • Scope of Application: This product is intended for disposable use to block odor/droplets from entering and exiting the wearer, not for medical protection


  • This product is intended for single use only – please destroy after use
  • Do not use if packaging is broken
  • Masks should not be worn for too long; if any skin reaction occurs, remove immediately
  • Before wearing, please confirm interior (light) and exterior (darker) of mask
  • Please keep product out of reach of children

FDA Certification
CE Certification