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The LABEL Mission

Timeless tailoring meets modern luxury.

LABEL was founded on a modern concept in menswear: to provide custom clothing made from the highest quality fabrics, at a price point that delivers the best value in today’s marketplace.
Our mission is to make the custom process convenient, enjoyable and completely transparent. More than a brand name, LABEL is our philosophy. You are unique, and your clothes should reflect that. The self-assurance gained from feeling good in what you wear – and feeling like yourself – is priceless.
We’re dedicated to helping you create that feeling with every garment by giving you access to top tier professionals with an unparalleled knowledge of clothing, styles and fabrics. We guide you through every decision and assist you in making informed choices to achieve your ideal fit and personalized look.
At LABEL, we believe in helping you create your brand of style, from cut to cost. In a world of specialization, your clothes should be no exception. Join us in embracing the custom clothing revolution.
We look forward to collaborating with you to create your LABEL.

Meet The Founders


The more conservative and older of the two, David, has always had a superb work ethic and an impeccable attention to detail. He graduated from Northwestern and then began a career in finance, where dressing for success was essential. Working as an investment banking analyst and associate at Barclays and living in New York City, David was introduced to the concept of buying custom clothing. However, he found the available options lacking in convenience, style and price range.


The more laid back, younger brother; Jeremy is a University of Michigan alum and a born entrepreneur who’s always been a big picture type of guy. He’s connected to every part of the business and keeps all aspects of the brand running smoothly. Jeremy has always had a keen eye for impeccable style, possessing a hip and casual sense of men’s fashion. Jeremy was recognized as a member of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Retail and E-Commerce for the Class of 2018.